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Three Trends to Watch in Property Development – Getting involved in real estate

by Caleb Falcon

The property sector is looking very different to how it was before the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there are no windows of opportunity.

Below are three of the main trends you need to look into, especially if you’re looking to get into the industry.

High tech homes
Property developers in Sri Lanka, the likes of John Keells Properties, are focusing on technology more than ever before. As the world advances forward and technology becomes a part of our daily life, the expectations of home seekers also become more technology focused. In fact, high-tech homes make life much easier, so properties with such features installed are more attractive to buyers and investors. Wireless security cameras, energy-saving features, and lighting features are some of the high-tech add-ons, which make properties look appealing!

Niche-Level opportunities
You need to ensure that your property goes beyond what is normally available out there as this is what makes it interesting for investors and buyers. Specialisation is essential, especially if you’re looking to be extra authentic and stand out among competitors. For instance, co-living and retail spaces tend to be more specialised than usual properties. Therefore, do your research on how to stand out!

Focusing on the community goes a long way, and this is seen quite often in short-term rental properties. In fact, in this day and age, everyone wants to interact with one another, and this is more effective than you’d think. The shift towards a focus on community will do better than you can imagine!


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