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A Guide to Saving on Travel Cost during Vacation – Mindful Travelling

by auburn

May it be backpacking across a continent or simply travelling around one country, spending wisely can keep you from breaking the bank. This way, you can afford to spend more on other amazing experiences.

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Create a Budget

No one likes restrictions, especially when they are on vacation. However, creating a budget has its own perks. You’ll always know how to spend and that constant feeling of dread will disappear as you are well in control of your finances.

Be Mindful of Local Rates

This is particularly applicable when you’re travelling around in Asian countries. Local drivers will try to charge you more, which makes it good if you acquire the services of reputable car rental agencies such as Malkey Rent a Car to travel in Sri Lanka. If you’re thinking of driving in Sri Lanka, you should get your driving license verified first.

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Book an Airbnb

If you don’t prefer to stay at a hostel, the next great option is to stay at an Airbnb. With an array of options to choose from, you can pick something that suits your budget.

Cook Your Meals

Another pricey area that comes with travelling is eating out. It is alright to splurge on the occasional food tour to get to know a new cuisine, but if you dine out every day, it wouldn’t help much with sticking to your budget. So, cooking your own food will help you save a lot during your travels.


Some might call travelling an investment in oneself – but all clichés aside, it costs a great deal to travel around the world and it’s vital to learn how to reduce travel costs.

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