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Best Investment Opportunities in Sri Lanka – Why Real Estate is the Answer

by Fritzjames Stephen

Sri Lanka’s economy has steadily been growing over the past few years, and with it, new investment opportunities have arisen in the country’s market. One of the best options available for potential investors right now is real estate – here’s why.

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Why Real Estate

Compared to most other investment options, real estate has a relatively favourable reward to risk ratio. For example, you can invest with a real estate investment trust or resort to property ‘flipping’ in order to make a quick and reliable profit.

The Location

If you’re looking to invest in Sri Lanka and the country’s real estate scene, be sure to take location into consideration when doing so. There’s a reason why mixed development projects like Cinnamon Life have such a high value associated with them – the attractions, facilities, and ease of access associate with a location are things to look out for when making an investment.

The Physical Assets

One of the best opportunities you should take advantage of when dealing with real estate is the value of the physical assets that come with the property. From the land to the structure, everything has value for potential investors.

Over Time Appreciation

Another thing to keep your eye on is how properties appreciate over time. This creates the opportunity to increase rent and subsequently increase your income stream with time.


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