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Aesthetic medicine and surgery – A beautiful history

by auburn

The desire to improve certain aspects of one’s physical appearance has been there for as long as humans have been in existence. The history of aesthetic medication and surgery runs back to ancient Egypt and even further.

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine | Image via Pixabay

The ancient world

Ancient Egyptians are famous for their beauty as well as superior intelligence. They were not only pioneers in engineering but also some of the earliest members of citizens who have performed nasal reconstruction surgery, non-invasive dermatological therapies to improve skin irregularities and even used makeup.

Other parts of the world

In around 800 BC, the text outlining procedures of cosmetic surgery “Sushruta Samhita” was produced in India. This was the first scholarly textbook that shows a clear understanding of anatomy, detailed descriptions of skin grafts and flaps as well as reconstruction surgery.

The 19th century

The first proper usage of medicine to alter one’s appearance began taking off in the 19th century. The field of aesthetic medicine is at its most basic stage during this time, emerging with various techniques and substances. The most famous example of this is chemical peels.

The 20th century

The early 20th-century aesthetic medication industry was sadly filled with a lot of charlatans and fake professionals who saw the opportunities presented than actual medical professionals. However, during the mid-20th century, there was a rise in visionaries and actual medical professionals who began wellness clinics and produced credible research. For example, Clinique La Prairie Bangkok was established in 1931, following its establishment in Europe.

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