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How to Enjoy a Wellness Holiday – Finding That All-Important Balance

by auburn

The concept of wellness has become more popular after the pandemic and here are ways in which you can look to incorporate it into your holiday.

What is Wellness Exactly?

More than just being healthy, wellness refers to the active pursuit of lifestyles, activities and choices that when practised regularly, lead to holistic wellbeing. Interestingly, there are generally six aspects to wellness; these are Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Mental and Environmental and it’s important to focus on all these dimensions.

Spend Time for Yourself

A wellness holiday should be one where you can reconnect with yourself and with loved ones if you are not travelling alone. Take time away from hectic work or home life and just de-stress minus any digital distractions! Hotels like Araliya Red in Sri Lanka make an ideal choice and it also features a holistic spa; Nuwara Eliya, where such properties are based, is blessed with sublime tranquillity amidst the mountains perfect for yoga and meditation too.

Remember to Get Active

While holidays are generally all about relaxing, don’t forget to add an active element which is vital for one’s wellness. This doesn’t have to be relegated to only swimming laps or working out at the hotel gym. Choose a destination where you can go on mountain hikes, trek through nature reserves, cycle amidst tea estates and explore charming towns; it’s a great way to get in touch with nature as well.

Consider the Food and Diet

Food and Diet

Food and Diet | Image via Pixabay

Holidays are great times to go on culinary adventures though keeping your wellness in mind, it would be a good idea to practise moderation! Consider adopting a ‘one plate’ rule to control the portions you serve and not overindulge. Additionally, look to include healthy veggies and fruits in your holiday meals and be mindful of how many desserts and drinks you consume.

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