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Perks of Working as a Marine Engineer – A Truly Rewarding Experience

by Kanya Mae

Thinking whether you should consider a career in marine engineering? If you have the right aptitude for it, then the answer is most definitely “yes”! Here are some of the advantages it has to offer.



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Diverse Areas of Interest
As a marine engineer, you will have diverse responsibilities and can specialise in a number of areas including production, development, maintenance and design. Even when studying at places like CINEC Campus, you will have several options be it to become a chief engineer officer, marine electrician or metal arc welder.

Dynamic Career Opportunities
Marine vessels are used by various private and government sectors which means you will have exciting career opportunities to choose from. For example, for those with recognised qualifications for marine engineering, Sri Lanka provides ideal opportunities to join merchant or navy vessels, shipping firms or marine engineering companies.

A Chance to Travel the World
One of the best opportunities for marine engineers is to travel the world; you may do so aboard a vessel or while being employed by reputed multinational shipping companies for duties that can be offshore or onshore. Such companies include the likes of Maersk, Hyundai Mipo and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering.

Job Satisfaction and Salary
A career in marine engineering is bound to offer you job satisfaction too; you will be involved in work that makes a difference for economic growth, have the chance to come up with innovations or help keep people safe during ocean travel. An added benefit is that the industry pays well in terms of salaries too!



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