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Coral Rehabilitation in Maldives

by Caleb Falcon

Coral reefs provide the base to vibrant ecosystems on which many marine creatures thrive. These make for a great attraction for many tourists who choose to explore the world beneath the waves while holidaying at the best Maldives resort they can find such as Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon. Susceptible to climate change, these coral reefs have started bleaching and many organisations are working together to overcome this natural disaster.

Coral Rehabilitation Programmes

Save The Beach Maldives is a Local NGO that makes a great effort to protect coral reefs around the country and it has been running several coral rehabilitation programmes since 2012 in collaboration with Secret Paradise Maldives – an eco-tourism company.

How to Contribute

Tourists are welcome to take part in a marine conservation tour where they will have the pleasure of meeting Beybe, a local ocean conservationist. Visitors will be educated on various ecosystems, the rising challenges, and the potential and existing solutions to overcome these problems.

Artificial Reefs

These are one of the many tools used to restore coral reefs and you’ll be able to observe one in the Maldives as well. The objective of this is to provide a stable growing area for natural beds of corals.

Process for Rehabilitation

First, the water is monitored after which the current patterns are discovered along with water temperatures. Next, pieces of broken corals are found; dead bits of coral and algae are removed exposing the live part. This is planted strategically among other synthetic corals.

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