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Experience Island Hopping in Maldives – Discover Culture & Natural Beauty

by Auburn Silver

While pristine beaches and water sports may be amongst the country’s main allures, a not to be missed activity is island hopping in Maldives; here are some things to keep in mind.

Frédéric Ducarme, Maldives island, CC BY-SA 4.0

Why Consider Island Hopping?
The easy answer to this is that there are around 1,192 islands to be found here! In the Maldives, luxury resort properties are each located on an individual island, while you get local islands as well as uninhabited islands. Do check the COVID-19 guidelines during your visit to see if island hopping is taking place.

Visiting Local Islands
One of the best ways to experience Maldivian culture is to visit local islands. Depending on their location, some properties offer tours to the capital, Male; others such as Kandolhu Maldives provide speedboat excursions to islands where one can witness traditional communities and even enjoy a typical afternoon tea break!

Things to Keep in Mind
When visiting local islands, an important thing to keep in mind is that unlike at private resorts in Maldives, you need to dress conservatively covering any bare areas of the shoulders or legs. It’s a good idea to apply and bring along sunscreen and a camera or GoPro, while some guided tours will include local drinks & snacks.

Uninhabited Island Getaways
Equally captivating is a visit to uninhabited islands which provides a castaway-like experience! Resorts may provide speedboat excursions to such secluded islands or even sandbanks; you can laze on soft-sandy shores, snorkel to your heart’s content and even savour a gourmet picnic lunch with loved ones!



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