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Health Benefits of Looking at Art – More Than Just a Captivating Sight

by Catalina Forbes

Directly connected with one’s wellbeing, the health benefits of looking at art include increased brain activity and feelings of pleasure and reduced stress and anxiety.

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While viewing art can be truly fascinating, what you may not know is that it offers some genuine health benefits for your wellbeing too. Intrigued? Do read on for more!

Stimulates the Brain

Looking at art, in fact, stimulates brain activity; this is because the brain gets busy trying to decipher and pick forms and patterns that will give the artwork meaning while also creating “connections”. This is universal; be it in Switzerland or Sri Lanka, art in all its many forms can give your brain a boost!

Reduces Stress

One of the key benefits of viewing art is that it helps to reduce stress; this is something that has been scientifically proven too. From visiting galleries to looking at (or buying) diverse works online at sites like Sri Lankan Art Gallery, you can take time to just pause, ponder over different creative expressions and de-stress.

That Magical Feeling

Believe it or not, and backed by scientific findings, looking at art can also provide you with the same “feelings” and physical reactions of falling in love! Those who have a positive reaction to artwork may also enjoy an increase of dopamine levels in the brain which is also caused by feelings of pleasure and love.

Helps Deal with Anxiety

While art alone may not help to overcome anxiety or even depression, taking pleasure in it can alleviate some symptoms and contribute to your overall wellbeing. Apart from just viewing art, you can also look to create your own; engaging in the act itself can be relaxing and lead to a happier “you”!



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