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DIY apartment hacks to make life easier – It’ll soon be home sweet home

by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Moving into a new apartment soon, but feel like you are going to miss your old homely space? This article is all about how you can turn your new living space into a home sweet home without the requirement of an interior designer.

Kitchen storage

The latest Colombo city apartments are really impressive and even the kitchens are equipped with the latest appliances. So, this is your chance to try out all those recipes you’ve been excited about. For this, you’ll need a spacious countertop. The solutions? Get a small rack so that you will be able to store whatever you need on that instead to save space.

Create zones

Apartments aren’t usually divided into halls and dining spaces. What you can do instead is use your furniture to create zones. For instance, you could place your couch so that the back of it acts as a separating wall for your dining area.

Floating shelves


Img via TRI-ZEN

Surely, you’ve seen those eye-catching floating shelves fixed directly onto the walls in those magazines. Yes, get one of your own and you can save a bit of floor space while making your new home more stylish.


If your apartment is at TRI-ZEN, you probably wouldn’t need to work too much on interiors. Still, if you feel like you could change up a few things try some removable wallpaper to add some colour.


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