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How to Choose the Right Excavator – Making the Choice Between Wheels or Tracks

by Roland Lefevre

Excavators play an important role in any construction, though one will be faced with the choice of going with either wheels or tracks; here are some insights to help you decide.

Consider the Requirements

Before making your decision on going with excavator tires or tracks, consider the kind of construction site they will be used at and the various requirements. For some applications, the decision may be simple, but for others, you will have to think about aspects such as digging depth, speed, traction and maintenance costs.

Excavators with Wheels

An excavator with wheels offers more speed that will be useful if it has many tasks to perform at a large site or must be taken to other sites. It can also be safely driven on pavements, while it’s easier to maintain. Tire manufacturers like GRI Tires also produce excavator tires with enhanced resistance against cuts and wear, superior traction and exceptional self-cleaning properties.

Excavators with Tracks

An advantage of using an excavator with tracks is that since it’s lower to the ground, it can offer increased digging depth. Additionally, while movement is slower compared to wheeled excavators, because of its design and larger footprint, it provides better traction on various terrains be it on loose soil, slopes or wet conditions.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Remember that while track excavators have higher load capacity and stability, stabilisers can be added to wheeled excavators to make them just as effective. Also, keep in mind that while the wheeled option is well suited for confined sites in residential and urban areas, you do get multiple size options for track excavators for small spaces too.

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