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Love and Art, Do We Need to Choose One? – Dusting the Soul for Inspired Flight

by Roland Lefevre
Oil Painting

Main Description

Love is an art form, and art is a love language; they are inextricable, and as Marc Chagall poignantly expressed, ‘Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.’


Img via : Sri Lankan Art Gallery

Why we make Art  

Artists create to express themselves more sublimely; we gravitate towards their intimate pieces because in them we somehow find parts of ourselves. Whether it’s the spoken or written word, film, song, or the worlds we find in an art gallery, every facet of craftsmanship is an outpouring of the self and a love letter to what makes life meaningful.

The Effect of Artistic Expression

Regardless of diverse perceptions, art is a uniting force, building bridges between different branches of humanity seeking inspiration. It’s the therapeutic journalling of one’s deepest thoughts and feelings; the portraiture of emotion alleviates psychological distress, inviting one and all to cosy up around a metaphorical campfire and share our stories.

Past and Contemporary Examples

From evoking forgotten sensations and detailing the cultural mosaics to beguiling creative expression and shedding light on our various relationships, art has been shaping our lives for centuries, from ‘The Kiss’ opulently depicted by Klimt and Magritte’s eerily fascinating portrayal of ‘The Lovers’ to modern masterpieces like Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s quietly touching ‘Skin, or Surface’ and Kerry James Marshall’s ‘Untitled.’ If you’re questing for authentic glimpses into Sri Lankan art, visit the likes of atmospheric Sri Lankan Art Gallery.

Summing Up

To echo Pablo Picasso, ‘The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls’; it necessarily connects us with the higher things in existence that are worthy of love.

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