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Oil Painting Techniques to Transform Your Artwork – Give your art a boost!

by auburn

Make sure you hold the brush right, use pure colours and not apply too much pressure on the brush when doing oil paintings.

For a great oil painting art, choosing the best oil paint is not just enough. There are some techniques that you should practice making your art even greater. They can be hard at first, but practice can make everything perfect over time.

Holding the brush

When holding the paintbrush, make sure you hold its handles as far back as possible. Yes, this can feel a little uncomfortable at the start, the level of control is greater when it’s done this way.

No heavy hands

Don’t use too much pressure when using the paintbrush. Heavy hands may sometimes result in a mess. There are instances where you need heavy strokes, but mostly, you’ll have to use the light ones.

Use pure colours

Whatever colour tubes you use, they always produce pure colours. Impurities happen when stokes happen using different colours. So, make sure the brushes are well-cleaned after each stroke.

Mixing colours

Avoid over-mixing as much as possible. Mix the colours (not more than two at once) only as much as needed.

Best oil paintings in Sri Lanka

Oil Painting

Oil Painting | Img via Sri Lankan Art Gallery

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