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What People Look for in Apartments after the Pandemic – A Home for the New Normal

by Roland Lefevre

The pandemic has not only shaped the way people live but also what they desire when looking for an apartment; here are some trends that can be seen today.

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Greater Space
Be it due to lockdowns or remote working, people have stayed at home for greater periods and small living spaces made this quite challenging. Thus, spacious luxury apartments such as those offered by the likes of Cinnamon Life are amongst the key requirements for buyers looking for a home with space to work, exercise and relax.

Outdoor Areas
Apart from spacious apartments, people are also more mindful of the need for outdoor areas within the complex for relaxation and recreation; this helps for better social distancing too. For example, in Colombo, apartments can be found at a mixed-use development with a rooftop recreational area ideal when one needs to go outside.

Location Near Parks
As part of the need for outdoor spaces, people are also looking for apartments that are centrally located near parks and areas for recreation. Due to the pandemic, there has been a shift (both forced and by choice) from indoor to outdoor spaces and well-placed city apartments near parks is another feature that is looked for.

High-speed Internet
Last and by no means least is the need for consistent high-speed internet which has become essential during the pandemic; this includes for work, video conferencing, classroom sessions or even just socialising. Thus, apartments should be in a location where high-speed internet is available along with reliable cell phone reception.



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