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Strategies For Driving with Family and Friends – Carpooling Made Easier!

by Auburn Silver

While manoeuvring crazy traffic and pedestrians can be stressful enough, it can become a hundred times harder when you’re driving with company in your car. Here are some tips you can use to keep your family and friends from driving you around the bend, while you drive them around.

Get Comfortable

Make sure your car seat is in perfect alignment so that you’re comfortable and at ease behind the wheel, with easy access to the gearbox and the foot pedals as well. It helps to have some of your favourite tunes ready to help keep you calm since you need to have your wits about you as you drive.

Consider Your Options

If you would much prefer being chauffeur driven for those long road trips in Sri Lanka, car rental is an excellent, fuss-free option, which will save you a lot of stress and worry! Car rental services such as Malkey Rent a Car not only has an extensive fleet to choose from, but it has professional and polite drivers who will be more than happy to drive to your next holiday destination.

Dealing with Back Seat Drivers

If your passengers are berating you about your driving skills, and you are comfortable enough to relinquish the driving duties to one of them, this may not be a bad idea. Of course, you need to consider whether you have faith in their driving skills as well so weigh all the considerations before making any decisions.

Keep Kids Busy

kids in car

kids in car | Image via Unsplash

If you’re travelling with toddlers or even teenagers, keeping them busy and distracted. Nothing can be more difficult to hear on a long and tiring drive than your passengers incessantly asking “are we there yet?” Play a game to keep them engaged or let them control the music. Whatever keeps their attention off you and your driving will work!

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