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What is ‘Medical Aesthetics’? – A Way to Tweak Your Look for a Glowy Appearance

by Auburn Silver
Medical Aesthetic

Contrary to what you may believe, medical aesthetics does not include plastic surgery; however, it sits in a niche between plastic surgery and the beauty industry.


Medical aesthetics do not dapple with aggressive treatments such as liposuctions, breast augmentations, and facelifts; rather, this niche includes procedures that would tweak your appearance in subtle ways.

Who Perform These Procedures?

An aesthetic doctor or cosmetic doctor is the one that you should consult if you need to obtain services related to the field of medical aesthetics. These procedures require a high level of skill and knowledge of the human anatomy; so, it would be prudent to get these services from a reliable wellness clinic Bangkok has to offer such as Clinique La Prairie Bangkok.

What Are the Procedures Involved?

The medical aesthetic procedures include micro-needling, anti-wrinkle treatments, laser treatments, lip fillers, dermal fillers, chemical peels, hair transplantation, and the like.

Minimising Risks

Make sure to only book your appointments with ethical medical practitioners who are qualified via a professional institute; these professionals have a thorough knowledge of the risks involved and how to minimise them.

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