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The Booming Hospitality Industry – A Host of Opportunities Await

by Caleb Falcon
Hospitality Industry

Considered a blossoming industry in the world, the hospitality industry presents a host of opportunities for you to build up your dream career. Make use of this simple guide to find out about all the prospects this emerging industry has in store for you.

Read this guide and find out about the lucrative hospitality industry and all the prospects that await those pursuing higher studies in the field.

The Hospitality Industry


Hospitality | Image via AIHM

The hospitality industry of a country comprises food and beverage, travel, tourism, lodging and recreation.  The aim of the industry is customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional service that attracts consumers from all walks of life. Often recognized interchangeably with the travel industry, the main difference between the two is that you do not need to be away from home to benefit from the hospitality industry, unlike the travel industry.

Importance for the Economy

Accounting for more than 10.4% of the global GDP, the hospitality industry is one of the most indispensable industries around the world. When the residents of a country frequent cinemas, restaurants, entertainment venues etc., it is the economy that profusely benefits.

Importance of the Jobs

Bringing more than 313 million jobs worldwide, the hospitality industry is one of the most popular industries in the world today. From management and catering roles to event planning and front-of-house roles, this promising industry has no shortage of career opportunities.  If you ever have the urge of becoming part of the workforce in this booming industry, consider pursuing a Hospitality Management Degree at a distinguished institute the likes of Asian Institute of Hospitality Management.

Importance for the Customers

The hospitality industry is all about curating memorable experiences for individuals around the world. Thus, the success of this evolving industry is heavily dependent on consumers around the world. From delightful hotel stays and dining experiences to entertainment venues and vacation spots to relax and unwind, with the hospitality industry, the sky will be your limit.



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