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Tips for Buying Your First Apartment – Find Your Home Sweet Home!

by Auburn Silver

Deciding to buy an apartment for the first time is a big decision and here are some tips and insights to help you choose the ideal home to call your own.

Decide on the Budget

Depending on your finances you can come up with a suitable budget and price range; additionally, see if an apartment project has partnered with a bank to offer home loan solutions. Remember, that buying an apartment is a rewarding investment too and when living in Colombo, for example, city property values rise continually.

Consider the Features

Look to buy a new apartment or one that’s nearing completion that has intelligent layouts, stylish interiors and optimised space for work, rest and play; the apartments of TRI-ZEN that are integrated with smart technology are ideal examples of this. On an added note, also ensure you receive freehold ownership of the apartment.

Image via TRI-ZEN

Check the Location

Equally important, is the location. Look for reasonably priced apartments in the city that are in a central location; this will offer more convenience and cut down on your daily commute which is a huge plus! Also, see if it offers easy access to supermarkets, dining, shopping and entertainment hubs and public parks as well.

Look for Leisure Facilities

Amongst the advantages of moving into an apartment is access to on-site leisure facilities. A suitable choice would be a property that has an outdoor deck for relaxation and recreation; key features should include a pool, jogging track, gym, spot for yoga, lounge and a play area for kids, all of which add to the convenience factor.

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