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Décor tips to make your apartment look bigger – For a brighter living space

by Kanya Mae

If you are moving into a new living space that is comparatively smaller, fitting in all that furniture and making it look less cluttered isn’t easy. Here are a few tips.


If you’ve opted for a relatively small living space, then it’s definitely going to feel pleasantly cosy. But arranging and getting your interior organised can be quite a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you out in this tedious task.

Img via TRI-ZEN

Use raised chairs

Why not go for a sofa set that is raised on legs? This will give your surroundings a very light and modern feel to it. The space will also feel less cluttered up and more spacious.

Use neutral colours

Using colours like beige, white and grey make a space look much larger, brighter and more organised. Therefore, this is the trend these days. Try it out in your living space too.

Natural lighting

See to it that you have plenty of natural light flooding into your bedrooms and living room. If you’re moving into Colombo city apartments with a modern feel, like TRI-ZEN for instance, you are sure to already have large windows, so you needn’t worry in this case.

Add a mirror

Mirrors are a great piece of interior décor for any living space, but for small ones, in particular, is very essential. The reflection could help make space feel much bigger.


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